My work advances open knowledge society. I believe access to information and education are basic human rights. I am a specialist with expertise in physical and digital library spaces, open educational resources (OER), library and program alignment, and K-20 education.

I’m interested in how knowledge is organized and represented, and in information architectures, vocabulary design and tagging across geographies and cultures.

I find many conventional taxonomies convey imperialistic attitudes and see there is great potential around exploring new ways of representing, creating and ordering knowledge.

I love to think about how to build community and relatedness together through imaginary conversation and co-design.

I believe in participatory teaching, learning, and being, and believe that sharing knowledge is central to transforming life on the planet.

I know that new information networks are enabling knowledge-building conversations in ways we are just beginning to understand.

I love to collaborate. I’m visual – let’s draw a picture!

…  personal insight …

I take meandering walks. I gather rocks everywhere I go. I read recipe books like I read novels. Good kitchen knives are a must. I like to tap my foot, sway and sing along. I play with words and often write them down. I love campfires and stories. My tent is my prized possession, but a night under the stars is best.

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